The Stock Merchant Gut Health Formula Triple Concentrated Free Range Australian Beef Bone Broth 500g

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The per-pack amino acid concentration surpasses many amino acid supplements and is more than triple that of other bone broths – perfect for those trying to improve their gut health through diet.

As with our other bone broths, there are no filler vegetables used. Just water, grass-fed beef bones or free-range chicken bones and apple cider vinegar.

Essentially, our Gut Health is a more concentrated (three times!) version of our regular Bone Broth.

Both are ready to drink! Just add a pinch of salt for flavour.


  • Bone Broth: is a good source of amino acids, and has
  • Gut Health : excellent source of amino acids


  • Bone Broth: for every day use; drink straight with a pinch of salt, or use as the base of your favourite healthy recipes.
  • Gut Health: a highly functional health-food. Drink straight for a boost of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.