Bio Orto Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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BioOrta is a well-oiled machine. The organic fruits are picked from their centuries-old olive trees and are pressed within six to eight hours. Their products come highly recommended by Flos Olei 2019 – a guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil. Much like fine wine, olive oil is starting to look very closely at the varieties used and where they are planted. This particular oil is made from a single varietal called Peranzana, which has low levels of acidity and is highly prized among those in the know. The name is derived from ‘Provençal’, i.e. coming from Provence and it produces a wonderfully fragrant oil with notes of ripening tomatoes, herbes de Provence, almonds, artichokes and fruit. We recommend using it as a finishing oil for fish, shellfish, salads and dips, but it’s also great eaten with hunks of fresh bread.