Ancient Harvest Flaxseed Wrap 200g

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The organic flours used in this product is obtained from a small family owned business in the small township of Gunnedah in the rich Liverpool plains of north western NSW. They specialise in the highest quality stone ground Organic Flours which are grown and processed without the use of chemicals. The millstones that are used help retain all germ, bran and endosperm of the wholegrain and along with the vitamins and minerals. The stone ground mill produces flours with the flavour that only a stone miller with the traditional, time-honoured skills of a true artisan can produce. The best organic grains available are sourced from farms throughout the heart of Australia's prime hard grain belt.
Australian Salt used in our products is acquired from a small family business
which produces the salt by mostly naturally drying it in the sun, from the Spencer Gulf , near the small town of Whyalla in South Australia. The canola oil used in our products is made in Australia and is 
GMO Free.