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Tony's Chocolonely is a confectionery company doing its bit to fight modern-day slavery. It is dedicated to producing what's known as Fair Trade chocolate by providing better prices to farmers and slave-free working conditions. 

Its recipe for slave-free chocolate starts on its cocoa farms. By focusing on the fine details of its supply chain, Tony's Chocolonely says it traces the origin of the cocoa it buys -- all the way from the beans purchased directly from its farm cooperatives in West Africa to the finished product. Tony's cocoa mass has been fully traceable since 2013, and the cocoa butter since 2016.

The delicious chocolate is moulded by Belgian chocolate masters which stamps an ethical message into each bar. The unequal shape of the end product reflects inequality in the world and outlines the West African countries that supply the beans. It is a reminder to the consumer of how and why the company began.

You can find your favourite guilt-free chocolate Tony Chocolonely at The Local Basket.